I try not to judge other parents, but…

… then there’s this.

There are two things that flip my instant-rage switch: weakness and bullying. I don’t mean weakness in terms of physical strength, or lack thereof, but rather weakness of character, of conviction and integrity. The manager that throws his subordinates under the bus, the butcher that uses meat glue, the president that manipulates the constitution. Oh yes, it’s going to be that kind of post.

The current executive and legislative branches could be featured on the reality show Super Nanny, with the perennially disappointed and passive-aggressively “pained” Obama-Dad padding around the house in sweatpants, grumbling that “I guess we just don’t get to have nice things,” while five hundred thirty-five congressional toddlers swing from the curtains and eat whatever they can reach under the couch cushions. Other parents at the playground avert their eyes as Obama-Dad panics at tantrum wind-ups and allows departure time to become a negotiation. When Mom comes home from work to find half-empty bags of marshmallows and strewn Mountain Dew cans, Obama-Dad defensively pipes up before she can even raise an eyebrow, “we got to the market! The important thing is I got some calories in them!”

President Obama is feeling the burn of failure: failure to Ferberize. Just as I accept blame for the 4-year-old who crawls into my bed every morning at 4:00 AM to slap at me while demanding snuggles, Obama needs to own his fault in promoting an overly conversational, pass-the-talking-stick reading-circle method of “leading.” I’ll admit, I experienced only the most fleeting sense of “is this okay?” after Obama pulled the old surprise-you’re-dead on Bin Laden, but the recent assassination of American citizen (and general juice-box) Anwar al-Awlaki shows that Obama-Dad is now losing a battle with toddlers that have grown into overly indulged teenagers.

I’m reminded of the girl in my high-school who received a new convertible BMW for her birthday, and then a new Jeep for Christmas, since she needed something safer for the winter. This recent short-cut in dealing with terrorism and general skirting of the judicial system is not going to turn out to be an exception, but rather is indicative of the new leadership style we can expect to see from Obama-Dad as he tries to win back respect and love with flashy gifts, until his ungrateful kids finally stick him in a state-run nursing home, deciding their new step-dad, though Mormon, is much cooler.

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