And the appetite’s back.

I-Can’t-Even-Stand-Myself Danishes

Mr. Pena took on dinner last night and grilled us up two fantastic steaks he had picked up at the market. Being a manly man, “dinner” received a check off Mr. P’s mental list with the procurement of meat, and it was only during plating that he noticed the abundance of white space. Always resourceful, Mr. P threw a few frozen waffles into the toaster, and I moved the couch out onto the front lawn. Mercifully, our dignity was revived with a few of these for dessert (I will have a few of whatever I want, I am presently a trinity for god’s sake). The lovely gal over at knows her puff pastry, and I foresee a summer of experimentation with my new favorite flaky medium. I almost substituted mascarpone for the ricotta, but in retrospect I think that would have made it too sweet, as would the extra powdered sugar. As it was, Mr. P stood over my shoulder while I drizzled the icing with a whisk, commanding me to just get a spoon and start dumping.


1 pkg puff pastry (2 sheets) thawed
1 egg white, whisked
raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and mandarin oranges, room temperature

Cheese Filling:

1 C ricotta cheese
1/4 C powdered sugar
1 egg yolk
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp lemon zest
2 tbsp flour


1/2 C powdered sugar
1/3 C freshly squeezed lemon juice

Set your oven to 350. Depending on what kind of person you are, the first part will be the fun/infuriating part. Cut one sheet of puff pastry in thirds along the fold lines. Cut two of the thirds into three rectangles each. Use the third third to cut strips from, to form frames on the tops of the rectangles. Repeat with the second sheet. Use a few drops of water to glue the frame pieces to the bases, and please try to cultivate some pride in your work. If you require visual aids, I’m sorry, and here’s the original recipe.

Once that’s out of the way, mix up all the filling ingredients in a medium bowl until even (and a little granular). Deposit about 1 tbsp of the cheese mixture into each pastry square, and spread it just to the frames. Brush the frames with egg white, then bake until the pastry has puffed up nice and high, about 20 minutes. Check at 15, but don’t take them out if they look too buttery. You’ll know what I mean. Let them cool for 15 minutes, then arrange the fruit over the cheese. Stir together the powdered sugar and lemon juice, and drizzle (or slather) the glaze over the pastries, then seal whatever you don’t immediately inhale in an airtight container and refrigerate until cool.

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