Two Babies!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Plantagenet and Hastings Peña

Evidently, there’s a party in my oven. My first ultrasound earlier this afternoon revealed not one, but two tiny babies taking up residence in what I consider luxuriously spacious adjoining suites. This comes as an enormous shock to Mr. P and myself, as neither of our families have a history of twins. In fact, when scheduling the appointment, I directed Mr. P to refrain from accompanying me out of guilt, as I was only going in order to confirm that there was just the one, and do the preliminary horns-and-hooves screening. As soon as I saw the honey comb appear on the screen, I knew, even as I waited for the technician to apologize for the computer’s malfunction. But by the time she exclaimed “you’ve got twins,” a nanosecond later, I was already beyond panic and ramping up my delight at the novelty of a bonus baby. Since there’s really no point in indulging any emotions beyond glee and wonder, I plan to be nothing but excited, eat whatever I want as soon as I can eat what I want, and keep Mr. P from having a heart attack. I managed to make a couple of Steak Hamiltons tonight for dinner, which I barely cooked in light of my Rosemary’s Baby style craving for raw meat, but I don’t see making a kitchen comeback for a few more weeks at least. Until then, I’ll be putting together little more than Eggo’s and toast, but singing my new theme song, “I Have Confidence,” all the while!

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  1. I’m a friend of Mr. P and couldn’t be more thrilled for the 2 of you. (Well, I’m happy for the little Mr. P too.) Congratulations!!! Do you know the sexes yet? Are you going to find out?

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