These are a few of my favorite things.

Deluxe Angled Potato Ricer This gets by far the most use of any of my single-item-specific kitchen tools. Ever since I discovered that these exist and purchased what turned out to be a rather high-end model, any potato that comes through my door can expect an eventual thorough ricing. It no longer occurs to me to worry about unseemly lumps in my whipped, mashed or twice-baked potatoes, a peace-of-mind well worth the few extra minutes of cleaning spent poking stubborn starch pills through the mesh. The model to which I’ve linked has a few recently-incorporated bells and whistles, and I hope that the addition of rubber to the pot-rester’s wavy teeth hasn’t compromised what I find to be a flawless design.

Onion Goggles Mr. P gave me these in pink a few years ago, and I’ve since gifted another three pairs. The relatively simple design completely prevents stinging and tears while you chop onions, leeks, scallions and shallots. The only drawback is that eventually (and you will only make this mistake once), you’ll unconsciously reach a finger up under the foam seal to rub/scratch your eye area, resulting in an ocular gas chamber that will leave you standing with your head in the freezer for about ten minutes.

KitchenAid Euro-Peeler This bad boy peels it all. Apples, potatoes, cucumbers, mangoes, rhinoceros, and about anything else with which you feel like playing “Can I Skin It?” It’s also my only bladed utensil that I haven’t cut myself with, and that counts for something.

Catskill Craft Perfect Pastry Board Another on-the-nose gift from my doting partner, this board transforms the top of my washing machine (the previous owner wasn’t much of a cook) into an additional knuckle of counter space, while performing exceptionally as both pastry board and carving station, a convenient juice-groove running around the perimeter of the reverse side.

My, what a moderate amount of space you have!

Egg Fry Rings My brother, C, gave me a set of these a few Christmases ago, and aside from being adorably specific, they allow you to cook four fried eggs simultaneously in one pan. They may have just been intended to destroy the Egg McMuffin, but I find the practical space-saving application equally brilliant. Nature may not be able to pull off a perfect circle, but Williams-Sonoma is more than happy to correct her work.

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