Coffee? Tea? Really?

Mrs. Coffee

I almost never drink hot coffee unless I have a cold. I start each day with a medium regular iced from D&D, replenishing the sugar reservoir twice over the course of the morning before the noon switchover to Diet Coke. For some reason, about 50% of the population thinks coffee after dinner is great idea, but a good host tries to accommodate all tastes, regardless of merit. So, if you don’t make coffee frequently enough to have perfected your home brew, I suggest you try this on a cold afternoon before permanently adding it to your dessert repertoire.

1 Mr. Coffee (4-cup or 8-cup), with appropriate filters
Café Pilon or Café Goya coffee (espresso ground)
1 can evaporated milk

Make the coffee, using 2 1/2 flat tbsp for 4 cups, or 5 flat tbsp for 8 (do not round!). Sweeten each cup with 2 1/2 tsp sugar and lighten with evaporated milk. If anyone requests black (and you know their general medical history), ignore them and say you forgot. Jack Kerouac’s dead, gentlemen, let’s move on.

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