Horsey Doovers

Terrines for Tots

I’d never given much consideration to children before having one. Some of Mr. P’s extended family once witnessed me holding a baby (my family didn’t have many) and they all had a good long chuckle at the spectacle. Now that I have my own, I’m much more on board with the whole 0 through 12 age group. One thing I have in common with young children is that we both get very excited about tiny food made especially for us. The following is an hors d’oeuvre my mother’s family would make for youngsters at get-togethers, and while I find it nearly unthinkable as an adult, as a child I appreciated the consideration as well as the bologna.

4 slices bologna
cream cheese
4 sweet gherkin pickles (not the baby variety)

Lie a slice of bologna on a plate at spread the whole thing with a thin layer of cream cheese. Place a pickle at the edge of the slice and roll it up in the bologna, pig-in-a-blanket style. Slice the resulting meat finger into 1/2″ rounds, then spear each with a toothpick to secure the bologna. Plate em up and warn any parents you suspect are above lunch meats.

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